Aroosh & Nitush are self taught contemporary artists from India. As
kids, they would go to their father’s workshop every Sunday where they
would work with the artisans to make their own objects. That sparked
their interest to ‘create’. After having completed their education from
Europe, they founded White Domus, a brand for unique wall art and
home decor accessories, in 2017. However, they didn’t feel a sense of
creative satisfaction. With the onset of the pandemic and subsequent
lockdowns, they got the perfect opportunity to create artworks that
expressed their creative desire.
The brothers use stainless steel for its reflective property that allows
them to explore the idea of redrawing the space with caustic projections
from the polished stainless steel surface given shape and form that
verge on the impossible, allowing the viewers to interact, engage and
self reflect with the artworks.
Aroosh and Nitush have exhibited their artworks in Marbella Art &
Design Fair (Spain), Casa Decor (Spain) and India Design Week (India).